Downloading invoices sucks!

SPEQT is a simple and privacy-friendly invoice collector that takes away the headache of looking for invoices. It works for teams too! Your time is precious!

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The email-read permission that you give to SPEQT is only valid and only used in your browser. SPEQT can’t read your emails on it’s servers. There is no background process.


SPEQT uses a few keywords to search your mailbox fully from within your own browser. You review everything SPEQT finds and approve what can be send to SPEQT's servers.

Supports Teams

If invoices are going to mutiple people within your company, SPEQT can help your team with the collection in a centralized way. Make your finance guy/gal happy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SPEQT collect my invoices?

SPEQT collects invoices from your emails, and at the moment SPEQT only works with Gmail.
It uses a privacy-security-first approach to read your emails.


How does SPEQT ensures privacy & security of my Gmail account?

SPEQT collects invoices from your emails. In contrast to similar products in the market, SPEQT takes a very secure & privacy-aware approach to this:
1- Collection of invoices happen fully in your browser. SPEQT servers won't have any access to your mailbox.
2- SPEQT asks READ ONLY permissions from you Gmail. These permissions are only valid in your browser and can be used once by SPEQT. This means that finding invoices happens on your demand.


Why does SPEQT requests access to emails in my Gmail account?

Majority of the SAAS invoices are emailed to you. In order for SPEQT to collect these invoices, it needs to ask permission to find them in your inbox. The scope of the permission that SPEQT asks is GMAIL READ, which means a READ ONLY access. It is important to know that asking the permission and collecting the invoices happens ONLY in your browser(local client). A preview of the found invoices are shown in the browser and you as the user explicilty initiate the action to send the invoices to SPEQT servers. Every time that you use SPEQT you need to give the same permissions and explicitly and manually initiate the process. This is to ensure compliancy with Google API Services User Data Policy:

SPEQT use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.


Can SPEQT see the content of my mailbox and my emails?

SPEQT allows you to preview the emails containing Invoices, by first searching your mailbox with certain keywords. Since everything happens in your browser, SPEQT only reads the content of those emails that you explicity approved in the preview step.

SPEQT finds all your invoices and gives back your time
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